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June 21, 2020

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Kybella is available at our Surco branch with Dr Daniel Saco-Vertiz, our specialist in plastic surgery. Kybella is an injectable compound that is used to burn fat from the area under the chin. It is a patented synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a molecule that occurs naturally and that helps in the metabolism of fat in the body.

Kybella in our Lima clinic is a medication used only in adults to improve the appearance of fat under the chin.

Kybella is the first non-surgical treatment approved by the FDA to improve and correct the double chin. Before Kybella’s approval, people with double chins could only undergo liposuction or other surgeries which is much more invasive and more expensive compared to Kybella.


You may ask your self, how is it possible that this medicine causes such an effective result? Kybella, when injected into a tissue, destroys that fell cell membrane. Thus, when Kybella is injected into the jowl, what it does is destroy the fat cells that form it. This is a simple, effective and low-cost option to improve a double chin.

How long does treatment last for?

Once treatment is done, the results are permanent because the fat cells are destroyed. This gives you the confidence you had before without being always conscious of how your double chin hangs down…

How many appointments does it take?

Most appointments take around 30 minutes as this is a simple, yet effective treatment. However, depending on the amount of fat to dissolve, you may require between 3 – 6 treatments. It is also important to consider that each treatment is approximately one month apart.

Topical anesthetic medicine and local anesthetics will make the procedure more comfortable.

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