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January 10, 2024

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Laser liposuction, also known as lipo-laser, is an advanced plastic surgery technique. With this innovative technology, Dr. María Eugenia Ruiz, our expert in Lima, redefines localized fat removal.

What does laser liposuction involve?

This method uses lasers to precisely dissolve and eliminate unwanted fat. Dra. Ruiz employs this technique for body sculpting with reduced invasion.

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Benefits of Laser Liposuction:

  • Precision: The laser technique targets fat cells directly, allowing for a more precise and controlled treatment.
  • Less invasive: Smaller incisions lead to less trauma and faster recovery compared to traditional liposuction.
  • Skin improvement: Laser heat can stimulate collagen production, enhancing skin quality in treated areas.

Treatable Areas with Laser Liposuction:

Laser liposuction is versatile and can be applied to:

  1. Abdomen and flanks.
  2. Thighs, hips, and arms.
  3. Chin, neck, and challenging areas like knees or ankles.

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The Laser Liposuction Process:

Dr. Ruiz evaluates the patient and tailors the treatment to their needs. During the procedure, she skillfully utilizes laser technology to achieve optimal aesthetic results.

  1. Evaluation and planning: Dr. Ruiz conducts a detailed patient evaluation, discussing their goals and expectations to personalize the treatment.
  2. Local anesthesia: Local anesthesia is administered in the areas to be treated to reduce discomfort during the procedure. If multiple areas require treatment, it’s done in an operating room with general anesthesia.
  3. Laser fiber insertion: Small incisions are made through which a thin optical fiber is introduced, connected to a laser device.
  4. Laser action: The laser selectively dissolves fat cells. Directed laser energy breaks down fat cell walls, transforming them into a liquid substance.
  5. Aspiration of liquefied fat: Once the fat is emulsified, it’s extracted through thin cannulas or assisted suction.
  6. Collagen stimulation: Besides fat removal, laser heat can stimulate collagen production in the skin. This helps improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness in the treated area.


Dr. María Eugenia Ruiz, specialist certified by CMP 29662 and RNE (specialist) No. 15710, Monterrico-Surco headquarters.

Postoperative care and recovery Laser Liposuction:

After the procedure, Dra. Ruiz provides detailed instructions, including the use of compression garments and regular follow-ups to ensure proper recovery and lasting results.

In summary, laser liposuction with Dra. María Eugenia Ruiz in Lima offers a precise and minimally invasive solution to enhance body contouring. Schedule a consultation to discover how this innovative technique can benefit you!


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