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Hair transplant lima

October 24, 2019

Hair Transplant Treatment in Lima Peru, Case Studies |,

Hair transplant treatment in Lima, Peru has revolutionized the way men and women can recover their lost hair. And the good news is that the newly transplanted hair follicles are retained when proper care is taken. This includes PRP plasma treatments and some special lotions to keep the scalp and each hair strong and healthy.

Treatments can vary from 1500 follicles to 4000, depending on the severity of the hair loss. Most hair transplant treatments nowadays and performed using FUE technique. This stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In other words, each hair follicle is taken one by one from the back of the head as this is where the hair is strongest.

Each hair follicle is then carefully evaluated. Hairs considered healthy and suitable are then transplanted into the areas required.

hair transplants lima peru

Losing your hair in your mid-twenties like this young man can cause people to look older than they are, lose confidence and struggle with appearance. Thinning hair at any age can be restored with 2500 – 3000 follicles, approximately. Volume is recovered and hair grows naturally again.

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hair transplants lima peru

Meanwhile, the crown of the head is the most common area for men to lose hair. Using the FUE technique and 3000 follicles, this patient restored his crown and front hairline, too.

Hair Transplants – Why Choose Us?

Value – Dr. Saco-Vertiz is not the highest or the lowest-priced specialist in Lima. However, you will receive great value and very satisfactory results which is what really matters. Investing in yourself and appearance is very important.

Trust – When you see that we are just as concerned as you are with the treatment and result, you should feel that you can trust us with your hair transplant treatment.

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