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September 28, 2019

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Weight loss surgery abroad appeals to many people for a variety of reasons, the main one being cost. Above all, it can mean being treated almost immediately and with no waiting lists or delays. Often, a stay of around 7 – 10 days is enough before returning home.

Our modern center in Lima, Peru has a specialist, English-speaking doctor who performs weight-loss surgery. Dr Miguel Li is a reputable surgeon who will treat you fairly. She understands the struggles of people living with obesity and helps them reach their goal of being healthy again.

Much Lower Prices

Most importantly, package deals for weight loss surgery include consultation, treatment, meds, hospital stay and follow-up appointments. This means one all-inclusive price (which can be around half of what you might pay in North America).

It is easy to understand the pull of going overseas for treatment.

Treatments include:

  • Intragastric Balloon
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Weight Loss Surgery – Get Connected, Get Healthy

Furthermore, we are also fortunate to have our International Coordinator, Lloyd Hannis, who is always on-call and available for questions or concerns. Lloyd is from England and has lived in Lima for some fifteen years, working in this field with plenty of experience.

Finally, aftercare is also a very important aspect of your trip and to know you as a patient, and not just a number, is vital for your treatment and the solid reputation we have formed in Lima.

lloyd hannis

Deciding to Go Ahead

So, if you are considering going abroad for your weight loss surgery then think about talking to us and our doctors via a WhatsApp consultation.  This helps you get a feel for who we are and how we work.

Taking The Next Step

You can contact us today via our online form or by WhatsApp 0051 977547437 for more information.


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