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December 20, 2021

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What is it and what does Lipo 360 degrees include?

Lipo 360 is a liposuction procedure that encompasses all areas of the midsection, covering 360 degrees all around. The areas that can be treated include the abdomen, the flanks (love handle area), and the mid to lower back.

Does it really work?

Lipo ‘360 degrees’ works wonders because it targets both small and large areas of the body for contouring and shaping. Removing fatty deposits and getting the right curves you’ve always wanted is possible with Lipo 360.

lipo 360

How much fat can you remove?

The maximum amount of fat that can be safely removed with liposuction is three to four liters (six to eight pounds). An increase in the volume of fat removal increases the risks of complications. For this reason, safety is first and a successful treatment is our priority.

What is the difference between Lipo and Lipo 360 degrees?

For the midsection, liposuction is traditionally performed on the abdomen. However, 360 degrees liposuction is a more comprehensive procedure that combines liposuction of the entire midsection to achieve a contoured and more curved figure from all angles.

Is Lipo 360 degrees permanent?

Liposuction is “permanent” in that once the fat cells are suctioned out, they will not grow back. However, there will still be some fat cells that can increase in size and expand the area if the intake of calories are excessive. The best way to prevent this is to maintain a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen.



Firstly, do your homework! Check out Peru’s medical college website (Colegio Medico del Peru) and see if the doctor really has a RNE (National Registry of Specialist) license. Many doctors only have a CMP license, but this is not enough for invasive, specialist procedures.

Finally, talk to us. Make contact and have an in-depth conversation is a good starting point. This is important because you get a feel for the type of clinic we are and the service you can expect to receive.

Dr Flavio Nicolich Luque

Dr Flavio Nicolich, Specialist

Dr DanielSacoVertiz

Dr Daniel Saco-Vertiz, Specialist


For additional information or to schedule an appointment with one of our Specialists, please contact us. Please leave us a message asking for a video call or a regular call, and we’ll be back with you shortly.

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