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January 11, 2023

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Orthodontic treatment has many benefits. These procedures allow you to have a healthy mouth, a beautifully aesthetic smile, and also aligns the teeth to the correct positions. Most importantly, orthodontic treatment creates a correctly positioned bite and minimizes complex – and expensive – dental treatments later in life.

Taking care of your teeth and doing orthodontics in your youth or early adulthood means they are more likely to last much longer and avoids major issues later.

Correction prevents misalignment or crowding of teeth, malposition of the teeth, or dental displacement.

Dr Rodolfo de la Flor

Dr Rodolfo de la Flor y Mariana Poggio, specialists in orthodontic treatment

How long should I wear braces for?

Today, on average, orthodontic treatments usually last about 18 months. Of course, there are simple treatments that last between 7 and 12 months, while others may require up to 18 months or more.

How do I know if I am getting an adequate orthodontic treatment?

Firstly, there are a number of measures to be taken. This includes photos, x-rays and studies. For example:

  1. Intraoral photos are taken
  2. Impressions/models of your mouth are also taken.
  3. A 3D tomography or other x-rays are required.
  4. Possibly a Cephalometry scan.
  5. Smile diagnosis.
  6. Orthopantomography analysis.
  7. Analysis of intraoral photographs and study models.

dental tomography 3D

Contamos con una sala de radiografías 3D en nuestro consultorio

Orthodontic Treatment Q&A

What are the most beautiful colors for braces?

You can choose brace colors that match your skin tone. If you have dark or olive skin, choose bright shades like gold, turquoise, purple, or navy blue. If you have fair skin, cool colors will look better; try silver, sky blue, soft pink or lilac.

What do the braces do the first month?

The objectives at the start of treatment are not different in the first month from the rest of the treatment time. However, since the teeth move little by little, we’ll try to minimize your discomfort. This may include using a thinner wire at the beginning of treatment. Actually, braces are a very common, pain-free treatment.

When Orthodontic Treatment is finished, do my teeth need whitening?

It is very common for our patients to ask us if after their orthodontic treatment they will have white spots on their teeth. True or false? False!! To say that braces cause white spots is totally false. However, good oral hygiene and professional cleanings with or without braces remains important.


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