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June 13, 2020

Direct Hair Implantation – DHI Technique |, ,

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is a hair transplant technique that is performed by taking hair follicles from the donor area using a special ‘pen’. The same pen is used to open tiny holes and place the follicles into the transplant area. Extraction and placement is done simultaneously. This makes it a speedy, extremely accurate, and very safe process.

Advantages of Direct Hair Implantation Technique

  • Because the extraction and implantation are performed simultaneously, the follicles are transplanted very quickly.
  • It is possible to make the hair denser and thicker with DHI.
  • When performed with our specialist, the results look very natural.
  • Through the use of the special pen, the grafts are immediately transplanted. This minimizes any loss of hair roots.
  • DHI technique does not harm the actual hair in any way.
  • Since no incisions or stitches are made, the patient heals very quickly and can return to his/her daily routine the following day.
  • DHI technique enables hair transplant without having to shave the scalp.
  • This technique also enables hair transplantation between other hairs, in areas that are not actually bald.

direct hair implantation dhi

Step 1, consultation:

This is the time to ask all your questions. The patient attends a consultation with our specialist, Dr. Daniel Saco-Vertiz. He performs the necessary examinations and hair analyses. He also decides which technique will be used, depending on his findings and the patient’s wishes.

Step 2, scheduling:

A treatment date is decided and the patient must pay at least 50% of the fee upfront. We use this policy because the treatment typically takes a full day and we cannot see any other patients. You get exclusivity in the clinic. Our agenda is blocked-out just for you and our team is dedicated to your treatment. This includes our assistant, a nurse, and our specialist.

Step 3, treatment day:

On the day of treatment, you should have only a very light breakfast so that the sedation works well. You will be dressed in a special gown and the transplant area is marked on your head.

Step 4, treatment:

Once comfortably sedated, the grafts are gathered from the donor area. Typically, grafts are extracted from the rear of the head. Next, the grafts are prepared for transplantation.

Step 5, completion:

Finally, and very meticulously, the grafts are placed one by one, observing the angle and density required for a beautifully natural result. The follicles are implanted into the previously determined areas on the scalp. During this stage, the doctor creates minuscule holes in the scalp and simultaneously implants the follicles.

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The Healing Process

It is common to observe some sudden hair loss within 15 – 21 days. This is a perfectly normal part of the treatment process and patients should not panic. While some hairs are lost, the actual root stays in place and integrates into the scalp. Hair transplantation is a process that takes time. Patience is also required. Typically, results are seen 4 – 6 months after the treatment.

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