Monsplasty Pubic Lift in Lima, Peru


Monsplasty Pubic Lift

September 7, 2022

Monsplasty Pubic Lift in Lima, Peru |, ,

A monsplasty pubic lift procedure is a surgery on your pubic mound. This is the fatty upper portion of the genital area. A monsplasty removes excess tissue from the area. It’s sometimes simply called a “pubic lift.”

A monsplasty is a surgical procedure that removes hanging skin and fatty tissue from your mons pubis. You’ll notice and feel a difference immediately after the intervention. However, it may take up to eight weeks for you to feel comfortable again in this area, as this is the standard full recovery time.

Why is my pubic area sagging?

As the years pass, it’s common to experience excess fat and sagging skin in both the abdominal and pubic areas. With normal aging and as the years roll by, these regions of the body lose elasticity and you will notice they start to droop. Pregnancy and weight gain can further contribute to any sagging and loose skin.

How can I make my mons pubis look smaller?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reduce the size of an isolated fatty area through exercise. The only option for you is a procedure to reduce the number of fat cells in that area. This would include traditional liposuction.

How is the Monsplasty Pubic Lift performed?

The mons pubis area is below the lower abdomen and above the genitalia. The reduction of the mons pubis involves liposuction. This is carried out through small, targeted incisions where fat is carefully removed. At the same time, the underlying muscle and tissue are carefully raised, tightened and sculpted to contour the pubic area.

Are there other options?

A monsplasty pubic lift performed in combination with an abdominoplasty can improve function as well as appearance. This procedure lifts and tightens the area of the mons. A tummy tuck doesn’t include a pubic lift because it focuses on contouring the belly region, tightening the skin and muscles in your midsection.

In some cases, the general trimming and contouring of your midsection can improve your pubic region’s general appearance, though that isn’t intentional. On the other hand, sometimes the two treatments can be combined for a fabulous, slimmer you.

Finally, you may be a strong candidate for a monsplasty pubic lift if: You have an enlarged or sagging mons pubis area. You are physically healthy (non-smoker) and you have a positive outlook and body image.


Dr Daniel Saco-Vertiz, specialist in our Surco branch, licence CMP 49075 and RNE (specialist) N° 34624

Dr Flavio Nicolich

Dr Flavio Nicolich Luque, specialist, San Isidro branch CMP  21431 and RNE (specialist) N° 11101

WHICH SURGEON TO CHOOSE for my Monsplasty Pubic Lift?

Firstly, do your homework! Check out Peru’s medical college website (Colegio Medico del Peru) and see if the doctor really has a RNE (National Registry of Specialist) license. Many doctors only have a CMP license, but this is not enough for invasive, specialist procedures.

Finally, talk to us. Make contact and have an in-depth conversation is a good starting point. This is important because you get a feel for the type of clinic we are and the service you can expect to receive.


For additional information or to schedule an appointment with one of our Specialists, please contact us. Leave us a message asking for a video call or a regular call, and we’ll be back with you shortly.

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