A Little History of Medical Tourism


Medical Tourism in Peru

January 25, 2017

A Little History of Medical Tourism |, ,

María Eugenia Castillo is a retired lady living in Florida. She has problems with her vision and needs a cataract operation. She lives alone because her children live in other states. Mrs Castillo decided to travel to Peru to have her cataract surgery and put a special lens to not wear glasses. There, she has the surgery with the latest technology available and stays two weeks for her recovery. She did what we know as Medical Tourism in Peru.

During this period, she also visits wonderful places of much historical and cultural tradition. Her vision has improved so much that she enjoys to the maximum all the touristic destinations that she can visit. The best thing about the story is that the surgery on both eyes, the trip itself and her stay only cost around half of what it would have cost for the same operation in Florida.

Some years ago, wealthy people traveled to more developed countries in search of high quality medical treatment. Around the early 1990’s there were many foreigners traveling to the United States (or Europe) to get modern medical treatment in the largest cities in the country as they were more advanced. Even the residents of these countries traveled internally for treatment in places that are more accessible to their pocket and where they could also enjoy time in a new city.

This is a phenomenon that we now call Medical Tourism which dates back in time thousands of years. There is evidence that people sought medical treatment in places that offer the health benefit they need at an affordable cost.

History shows us that it is known that around 4000 BC, there were many pilgrims to the temples in Mesopotamia to obtain diagnoses of their illnesses. They continued their trips to the Sumerian regions to receive treatment in health centers around the hot springs in that area.

The “medical tourists” of the time received care in the form of hot baths, healthy food and even red wine!

Placing health centers around hot springs was a trend that began in ancient times and continued to be in force until the Middle Ages and even into the early twentieth century. This can still be seen in Japan, Switzerland and Ancient Rome.

Although hospitals focused on raising the level of medical practice, healing centers around the hot springs continued to boom. At that time, many Roman Baths were rehabilitated especially in England, France, Switzerland and Germany. Some of them were so well known for their healing abilities that people traveled from all over Europe to be treated.

In the present day, people continue to seek medical treatment combined with travel to exotic locations. For this reason, many medical tourists are traveling to South America to undertake Medical Tourism in Peru. Although  spa’s and thermal baths are no longer considered medicinal places, they are still an important complement for people seeking medical treatment for their relaxing benefit and away from everyday stress.

History shows us that Medical Tourism in Peru has existed since many years ago and figures show steady growth over the years. At present, as medical services continue to grow in cost in developed countries, developing countries will have the opportunity to continue to care for people seeking high-quality medical treatment at a more affordable price. As Mrs Castillo found, medical tourists can benefit from the best medical procedures, enjoy excellent vacations and save significantly in the process.

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