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December 4, 2017

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Dental tourism in Peru has become more and more popular since there has been more competition over the last years. Newer and more advanced techniques, plus having the same bio-friendly materials available as used in other countries such as United States make dental tourism in Peru an attractive destination.

There are many reasons why people travel to Peru for dental treatments. While the main factor may be driven by price, there is also the consideration of the doctor’s experience, technology, skill in using that technology and also their reputation which can be easily looked up online in a matter of seconds thanks to social media. Click here for an example.

Of course, Dental Tourism in Peru is much more than that. With world heritage sites and history galore, Peru offers the high Andes mountains, exotic beaches and even the lush amazon, meaning there is something for all types of traveler. Even cuisine has become a big hit over recent years with annual food fairs such as Mistura drawing hoards of international visitors, too.

As Peru is a developing country, it can take advantage of much lower overheads compared to clinics in say, the United States. This helps keep treatment costs down and also means that those treatments and technology are equal to, or even better than those found in those countries considered to be more developed.

Dr Enrique Yuen6


As we have already mentioned, top of the list of many people’s priorities is cost. However, while cost is important and may be a deciding factor in where some patients might take treatment, people are also realizing that the lower prices offered for dental treatment in Peru are still nowhere near the prices of those in North America. Even when being treated at one of the most technologically advanced clinics in Peru with a whole array of fabulous gizmos and gadgets, including 3D scanners and 3D printing, you are paying about half of what you would expect to pay in a similar clinic in North America.


Another reason why dental tourism in Peru now figures as an accepted dental tourism destination is one of convenience when considering the overall quality of the procedures and visits to the clinic. Some clinics are geared more towards receiving international patients with doctors fluent in the English language and understanding what a foreign patient expects in terms of the way they get treated, punctuality, clear and concise explanations, as well as excellent quality high-definition imaging and x-rays, plus only specialized dentists with bags of experience.

Visits are cut to a minimum thanks to advances in 3D technology with clinics now able to cut out messy impressions and external labs due to the 3D systems doing all the work in-clinc. This also gives the doctors 100% control over treatments because they can make changes, do adjustments, alter color tones and even re-do treatments in a fraction of the time the external lab would have needed. This is one of the best things of modern dentistry.

Dr Pedro Marticorena PERUDENTAL

Foreign Studies

Our dentist listed on this site and his team pride themselves on being at the forefront of technology. To do this, they take specialized courses in the USA and Europe, especially Germany where dental technology excels to a very high level. These specialized courses focus on developments in software and hardware where the doctors are trained and become exceptionally good in their knowledge and the functionality of this technology, making them experts in their field and passing that on to their patients with the quality of their treatments.

cerec course

…Last but not least, Travel!

Who would come to Peru without seeing Machu Picchu and the rich history it has to offer? An iconic destination that dental tourism in Peru has helped patients visit this must-see attraction and allows regular people to get high quality treatment, set off on a week’s well-earned vacation afterwards and get their final check-up before jetting home again.

Dental tourism in Peru has begun to boom and those in the know are taking advantage of this. So, if you’re reading this, maybe you’ll be one of them? Drop us a line and ask your questions to us directly by clicking here 


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