Mejore su autoestima y confianza al rejuvenecer su cuerpo y su alma.
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Encontrase mejor, más atractivo y más feliz.

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Su salud dental afecta a todo su cuerpo.

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Anti envejecimiento tratamientos para revertir los años.
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cirugia de laser para ojo


Disfrute de la vida sin lentes de contacto o gafas.

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La mejor forma de restaurar los dientes perdidos .

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Todas nuestras clínicas en Lima están correctamente registradas y mantienen los más altos estándares. Utilizan los últimos equipos y tecnología, además de un equipo de personal totalmente calificado.

La comunidad a la que prestamos servicios se está expandiendo rápidamente, al igual que la gama de servicios médicos necesarios para prestar atención médica integral. Diga adiós a largas listas de espera y problemas con el lenguaje, ya que todos nuestros médicos hablan un inglés excelente y tienen una reputación que es insuperable en el campo de especialización.

Encuentre excelentes tratamientos de calidad y bajo costo en cirugía plástica, dermatología, pérdida de peso, tratamientos oculares y odontología.

Clients Testimonials

  • LAURIS BURNS, October 2016 – I am nearly finished with extensive dental reconstruction work. I have been delighted with every aspect of my treatment. From my first visit when I was given a complete exam and my options were explained, along with pictures, the attention was caring and personal. Everything went perfectly but it was reassuring to receive a text from the clinic the day after surgery asking if I was OK and whether I had any problems.

    Lauris Burns, USA

  • MICHELE & PAM, November 2016 – My praise for the scheduling process can only be surpassed by the exemplary work that Peru Dental performs.  Their staff is first rate and the dentists are masters of their trade.  The dental rooms are modern, clean and state of the art. I was welcomed on arrival felt immediately comfortable with the competence of the entire staff and all the dentists who each have an area they specialize in.The artistry of the dentistry work was superb and I now have a smile that I am proud of.

    Michele Maloney & Pam Gerber, USA

  • Hello! I’m Lloyd, founder and manager of SurgeryinPeru.Lloyd surgery peru I first came to in Lima in 2004 and have worked in the medical field for the last ten years where I have had the privilege to know and work with some of the best and most talented doctors in Lima. SurgeryinPeru is where all those contacts come together to make one portal, connecting you to a doctor and clinic you’ll love, in dermatology, weight loss, plastic surgery, dentistry and laser eye surgery.

    Lloyd Hannis

  • I had laser CO2 treatment with Dr Hurtado who is an English speaking Dermatologist in Lima, to treat a scar I had on my face since I was little. Within five days, I had a really great result and the scar was almost gone! These next days it will continue to heal, but I wanted to say how happy I was with the treatment! Thank you very much.

    Jose Rodas, Lima – Peru

  • Dr Julio Daniel Kirshbaum’s clinic is an excellent choice for cosmetic surgery. The clinic is nicely decorated and the operating, patient recovery and examination rooms are maintained to a high standard. The staff is warm and helpful through each phase of the process. Dr. Kirshbaum explained the procedure and the post op in a way that made me comfortable with my choice. He is very patient with all questions and concerns which is what you want when considering cosmetic surgery. I highly recommend the clinic and Dr. Kirshbaum.

    Patient asked to remain anonymous

  • ANA RUDDELL, August 2018 – I have had the best experience Botox.  Their office is clean, I rarely have to wait in the lobby, and the doctor is professional and precise in his injections.  I am quite the experienced botox user, and I have to say that I am thrilled with the results. I have NEVER looked better!

    Ana Ruddell – Lima

  • i am so glad i found you or you found me to do the two medical procedures.  i was so happy with the accommodations, as well as the two clinics.  i liked that i was able to walk to the clinics .. and it was super nice to be withing a few blocks of three wonderful and different types of super markets.
    and being almost in the heart of the tourist section of the district and so close to the ocean, made it easy to find something to do.
    not that i did much, but having it there made it feel like i was not ‘stuck’ in one place.
    thanks for all those good choices …
    Kayla   California USA

    Kayla, October 2018

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