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January 24, 2021

Covid-19 in Peru, Latest News |, ,

Here is a summary of the latest news for travelers to Peru.

**January 27th UPDATE**

New quarantine to begin February 1st for a minimum 2 week period. National flights suspended. No inter-provincial travel. Curfew from 8pm – 4am. For now, international flights from some countries are still permitted, like the US and most latin countries, excluding Brasil and Europe.

In other news:


Very importantly, the borders to Peru have been gradually re-opened to most cities in the US and Canada since mid-October, in addition to other countries. However, the option of flying direct to and from Europe is constantly changing, with many passengers opting for routes via the US in order to enter Peru.

Flying to Peru

Flights: In order to board a plane to Lima, you will also be required to show a negative PCR test that was issued no more than 72 hours before your trip.

  • You will also need to complete an online immigration form, which can be found here.
  • There is currently mandatory quarantine upon entry to Peru for 14 days. Please ask us for more details about this and the latest changes.

covid 19 peru


Machu Picchu, tourist sites, and the Inca Trail opened on November 1st. There are restrictions in place and limits to the amounts of visitors per day, per historic site. Entrance tickets should be bought well in advance. Click here for more information.

Is Peru still safe?

Yes, absolutely. However, we advise additional caution. On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, Peru and Cusco have received the World Health Organization’s Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Of course, health measures and protocols must be adhered to by all residents and visitors. Masks should be worn at all times when out and about. Actually, they are now a part of everyday life in Peru and it is unusual to see anyone in the street without a mask on.

For the latest stats, WHO is tracking COVID-19 worldwide.

And Finally, meet Philip…

Philip is a retired Expat who has set up life in Cusco, Peru! He created an extremely informative website and posts almost daily updates about all things Cusco and Covid-19. A thoroughly nice guy with loads of experience about off the beaten track things to do and see in Cusco. Find out everything you could ever need to know about travel in Cusco, and more, here.

Need more Covid-19 information?

If you are considering a trip to Peru for medical treatments and have concerns about the current situation, please contact us or send us a WhatsApp to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.


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