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breast reconstruction

December 8, 2018

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Breast reconstruction treatment allows women to feel whole again. This may be necessary after trauma or oncology procedures that have removed breast tissue. Breast reconstruction surgery helps women obtain symmetry and satisfaction with their bodies.

This is a process that requires a sophisticated class of talented doctors who are rarely affordable unless you travel outside of the USA. Here in Peru, our English-speaking specialist surgeon promises to provide you with the state-of-the-art personalized care you deserve to help achieve optimal results.

When is the Breast Reconstruction Procedure Advisable?

For women who have suffered a loss of breast tissue from a mastectomy or lumpectomy procedure, undergoing breast reconstruction surgery is the perfect solution. The number of tools and techniques available for modern surgeons to sculpt new breasts ensures that they are never without options. Patients should generally wait for 6-months to a year unless they would like to have the breast reconstruction performed along with the lumpectomy or mastectomy.

Multiple procedures are often needed to perfect the original surgery with nipple reconstruction and other minor adjustments. Breast reconstruction surgery may not be the right choice if you suffer from certain health issues. These include uncontrollable diabetes, blood disorders, or circulation problems that inhibit healing.

Overview of the Breast Reconstruction Procedure



In order to agree upon the proper course of action, it is critical to work out the details of the breast reconstruction blueprint before the surgery begins. Our specialist will advise you on the latest techniques available to obtain the most natural results possible. He will go over your medical history and ensure that you are able to undergo breast reconstruction treatment. You can save money by doing this in Lima and not in North America.

Patients can generally choose from breast implants, flap surgery, or a mix of both to restore lost breasts. There are a variety of flap surgery subtypes that involve removal of skin tissue from one part of the body to reconstruct a new breast. Our specialist will discuss each of these with you. He will use the latest techniques and implants to achieve the result you desire.

Breast reduction surgery, lipofilling, and collagen mesh may be applied in subsequent surgeries to improve the balance or shape of your breasts.


The three main categories of surgeries require different methods. If you elect for an implant, our specialist will firstly need to stretch the skin to accommodate the prosthetic silicon or saline implant under the flesh.

Women who are sensitive to the discomfort may opt for flap surgery before considering this method. The flap surgery method takes a piece of skin from the thighs, buttocks, back, or abdomen to create a breast form. This is attached to the blood supply where the breast was removed and the grafted skin heals naturally into the chest tissue.

Women may reduce the size of their other breast to match the size of the breast form created, or embellish the new breast form with an implant.


The procedure will take anywhere from two to six hours after the sedation and anesthesia are administered. Patients generally recover in two or three hours after the surgery. Following treatment, you will be transferred to a private room for low-stress healing.

You can expect a stay of one or two days for stretch-and-insert implant procedures. The flap procedure will require a five or six stay.

Nipple reconstruction may be advised at a later date, approximately six months to one year. This involves using skin from another part of the body to reconstruct a nipple. The new nipple is tattooed to match the color of a natural one.

The Next Step

If breast reconstruction is something you may be interested in, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also set up a consultation appointment with our specialist to discuss your options.


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