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March 2, 2021

Benefits of the Gastric Sleeve |,

The benefits of the gastric sleeve are diverse. Before mentioning them, it’s important to know what this operation consists of.

The gastric sleeve is an irreversible bariatric surgery for obese people. It is the most used in Latin America and its popularity has increased in recent years.

It is a quick fix for people suffering from severe or morbid obesity.

The gastric sleeve is not performed for aesthetic purposes but for medical indications. In this operation, our specialist, Dr Miguel Li, removes part of the stomach, up to 80%.

dr miguel li

Then, he forms a ‘sleeve’ or ‘tube’ with the rest. That is why it is called a gastric sleeve, because the stomach is shaped like a sleeve or banana.

Therefore, people are able to control their hunger because the stomach is much small. Therefore, much less food enters and the patient feels fuller, faster.

What are the benefits of the gastric sleeve?

  • One of the benefits of the gastric sleeve is that it does not involve placing a device inside your body, like a gastric band.
  • It also does not involve making surgical changes or manipulations with the intestines or digestive system, such as in a gastric bypass. Only the size of the stomach is reduced, but it still has the same function.
  • It helps control appetite because it reduces the hormones that produce hunger.
  • You save money in the long run because you eat small portions of food. Even so, it creates a feeling fullness with only small portions eaten.
  • A laparoscopic gastric sleeve is very safe. The operation takes about 3 hours in the clinic and the recovery time is fast.
  • There is no rebound effect with this surgery.
  • It does not require intestinal cleansing or maintenance of the digestive system.
  • It reduces cardiovascular problems and prevents, or tackles, certain health issues such as type 2 diabetes or cancer.
  • Finally, but very important: another benefit of the gastric sleeve is that it is a very safe technique for people with severe obesity with a Body Mass Index (MIC) greater than 40.

benefits of the gastric sleeve

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