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July 15, 2022

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Sinus lift, bone graft, and dental implants placement in one appointment? You bet! Thanks to advanced techniques and integrated 3D technology, this is now possible.

The most recommended treatment by specialists to restore missing teeth is to use dental implants. This is because they are the strongest, most natural, safest solution for tooth loss.

However, when a tooth has been missing for some time in the upper jaw, or after a complex extraction with abscess in this area, there are cases that an implant cannot be placed. This is due to the expansion of the maxillary sinus.

What is the maxillary sinus?

The sinus is a small cavity filled with air, located in the upper area of the mouth, on the left and right sides.

sinus lift bone graft, implant

The image on the left shows how the sinus cavity ‘droops’ and bone recedes after tooth loss. To combat this, a sinus lift, bone graft, and implant treatment are performed.

The roots of our teeth function as a boundary for the maxillary sinus. These roots prevent the expansion of the maxillary sinus. However, when a patient loses a tooth in that area, the maxillary sinus tends to extend, or droop.

When this happens, the natural bone is resorbed and there is no room to place an implant and replace the missing tooth. Unfortunately, the maxillary sinus is filled with air and does not offer support for a dental implant.

Here’s a clinic case of where sinus lift, bone graft and also implant placement was performed in one single surgery.

Is there a solution?

Absolutely! We offer specialized, pain-free sinus lift treatment in our clinic. We combine sinus lift surgery with bone graft to increase and improve bone volume. A dental implant can often be placed at the same time in this surgery. This has multiple benefits, but above all, it means two things:

  1. The entire procedure heals together at the same time, and;
  2. A second surgery can be avoided.

In addition, and thanks to advanced 3D technology that we implemented in our clinic, we use special software to carry out the entire case planning. This gives us guarantees and ensures a successful treatment is performed.

sinus lift bone graft

Our in-clinic 3D imaging and specialized software guarantee excellent results!

A sinus lift, bone graft, and dental implant in one appointment? Absolutely!

A sinus lift is a surgical technique aimed at patients who do not have enough bone to place implants. Specifically, it assists in the replacement of missing teeth in the maxilla.

Our two specialist implantologists perform sinus lift treatment in conjunction with bone graft and implant placement in a single appointment, as follows:

      Step 1: The most important thing is to have a detailed and correct diagnosis. In our clinic, we have the latest 3D technology to guarantee a complete study and detailed treatment planning.

      Step 2: We place anesthesia so that you do not feel any discomfort. We also offer conscious sedation. This is an easy to swallow medication and means you are sleepy during the treatment and totally relaxed.

      Step 3: Next, our specialist proceeds to make a small incision to access the sinus. He begins to gently lift the maxillary sinus, giving space for the bone graft to be placed in the empty space.

      Step 4: Bone graft is also added. This acts as the replacement bone where the implant will be held.

      Step 5: And finally, with the sinus lift and new bone graft in place, he inserts the dental implant. If both operations had been performed separately, it would have been necessary to wait around 6 months for the graft to mature. However, thanks to our 3D technology we can often perform both procedures together.

This is great news for our patients and saves additional visits to the dentist.

      Step 6: Once the osseointegration phase has passed, the patient returns for the final phase and we place the crown on the implant in a single, short appointment.

dental implant bridges

Done! You already have your teeth restored and you can smile, enjoy, and chew food again without problems.

What are the benefits of combining sinus lift, bone grafting, and dental implant placement in one appointment?

  • The procedures are performed in a single surgery, under sedation.
  • You will have a single medication intake, including antibiotics and analgesics.
  • It is not necessary to wait 6 months to place your implant.
  • You do not require another surgical intervention later.
  • The process is shorter since the recovery of a combined intervention occurs simultaneously.


We are one of the few dental implant facilities that offer 3D tomography. This is used for a 100% safe and immediate diagnosis. It also allows us 3D planning for an accurate and safe treatment.

sinus lift

Interested in sinus lift treatment? Contact us.

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