Plastic Surgery Abroad: Peru and the Medical Tourism Boom



October 30, 2018

Plastic Surgery Abroad: Peru and the Medical Tourism Boom |, ,

Today, access to the possibilities of a “retouch” in our figure is much more viable for many people thanks to cosmetic and plastic surgery. Procedures include those that offer a very quick recovery and with very little discomfort such as a rhinoplasty.

The demand for plastic surgery abroad in Peru has grown considerably over the last years. It is now possible to see clinics of a very high level in many suburbs of the city. These clinics offer a wide variety of procedures, ranging from weight-loss treatments, to an integral liposuction, through to the popular facelift procedure or a very natural rise of the bust.

Who Travels to Peru for Plastic Surgery?

This growth has two large open markets: the domestic market, including men and women of different ages (from 19 or 20 to well over 50) who want to improve their appearance. Many Peruvians living abroad return to make these aesthetic improvements and visit family.

And the external market constituted mainly by people from the United States and Canada. According to some data collected unofficially, the contingent of medical tourism consumers is 70% women with an average age range of between 35 and 55. And… thinking about it, making a trip abroad for a treatment that will save you money means that recovery is done out of sight of prying family and friends. A modern clinic, rest and relaxation, plus English speaking professionals doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

Before Plastic Surgery Abroad in Peru

Whether local or foreign, it is important to know before an operation of plastic surgery in Peru, requires specialists to comply with safety protocols. This means the clinics is legal and protects the health of patients. Prior to taking plastic surgery in Peru, the patient will not be able to take any medication without the surgeos consent. In previous communications, you will have reported any treatment or medication you have been receiving, including natural remedies for the flu, contraceptives or sleeping pills, to antibiotics or medicine of any kind.

Cigarettes should be abandoned at least three weeks before the intervention and two after it. Twenty-four hours before surgery, you will not be able to ingest alcoholic beverages and only consume soft food. Then, on the day of treatment, it is posible that you will need to observe total fasting and not be able to consume water eight hours beforehand.

Plastic surgery abroad in Peru is a new boom which offers great benefits to those visiting Peru for business or pleasure.

We will help with transport, accommodation and are on call 24/7 for anything you need during your trip.

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