Maxillary Sinus Lift


maxillary sinus lift

January 14, 2023

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For patients with missing molars in the upper jaw, a lack of bone to place dental implants could be problematic. However, thanks to maxillary sinus lift surgery, bone availability is enhanced and surgery is possible.

We use this surgical procedure when there is not enough bone height in the upper jaw to place a dental implant.

The maxillary sinus lift consists of placing artificial bone grafts between the maxillary bone and the maxillary sinuses.

Digital Implantology

We use 3D imaging for careful treatment planning before beginning this type of intervention.

Like the rest of bone regeneration techniques, the ultimate goal of maxillary sinus lift is to increase the amount of bone available. Consequently, the maxilla presents greater stability. This allows implants to be placed in areas where previously it would have been impossible, due to lack of bone.

What are the Sinuses?

The maxillary sinuses are two hollow cavities located in the posterior part of the upper jaw, above the palate and below the eye sockets. When we want to place dental implants in the area of the molars and premolars due to lost teeth, we use sinus lift techniques.

The most successful bone fillers are synthetic. They have the added benefit of avoiding the use of the patient’s own bone from another area, and therefore double surgery.

maxillary sinus lift

Dr Daniel Yuen is one of our specialist implantologists who perform maxillary sinus lift procedures

How is a Maxillary Sinus Lift Performed?

This intervention is performed under local anesthesia and with sedation. You are very comfortable and relaxed before we begin, and some patients even sleep as treatment is performed. During maxillary sinus elevation, our specialist surgeon deposits a bone graft in the sinus as a filler, for the formation of the future bone.

Our specialist adds this synthetic bone between the maxillary floor and the sinus membrane, taking great care not to tear the membrane.

Finally, the area is closed with sutures and left to heal over the following months. In many cases, we can place the dental implant at the same time as performing a sinus lift. Again, this avoids another surgery later on and the entire area heals all at the same time. With the implant, too!

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