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March 16, 2019

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Liquid rhinoplasty, or better known as a ‘Rhinomodelation’, is a term used to describe the alteration of the shape of the nose without undergoing any surgery.

The goal of the liquid rhinoplasty is to improve the visible form of the nose by adding fillers to improve the shape, size, and in some situations the position of the nasal tip. However, this is not a treatment for everyone as it is only used to fill hollows or depressions, hence improving the shape.

There are many brands of fillers available which can be used for a liquid rhinoplasty. Likewise, some additional benefits of using fillers should be taken in to account.

  1. Firstly, they are easy to mold and shape.
  2. Secondly, they can be removed within 24 hours if desired.
  3. Finally, they do not interfere with the possibility of doing a regular rhinoplasty procedure at a future date.

These are all important things to know!

When is the Liquid Rhinoplasty Advisable?

Anyone who wants to significantly improve the appearance of their nose by hiding a bump, straighten the nose, or fill depressions in their nose should consider this treatment.

However, a liquid rhinoplasty cannot make a nose smaller and also has some limitations. In other words, this treatment is ideal for small changes in the nose. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a major change like making your nose smaller or to remove a large lump on the dorsum (ridge), then a regular rhinoplasty is a much better option.

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Overview of the Liquid Rhinoplasty Procedure


At the consultation, our English-speaking specialist will make a full assessment of your nose. He will discuss with you the exact areas you would like to improve. It is also important to know your medical history. We can provide you with before and after photographs to help give you an idea of what results you can expect.

Our specialist will help you decide whether a liquid rhinoplasty or a regular rhinoplasty is the right option for you.

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How long does a Liquid Rhinoplasty last?

Needless to say, this treatment is not permanent like a surgical rhinoplasty is. Exactly how long a liquid rhinoplasty will last is difficult to know, most likely around one year. Then, you can choose to repeat the treatment, or go ahead with the surgical option.

Most importantly, a good quality filler should be used and the treatment must be done with a qualified, experienced doctor to optimize results.

Naturally, a lot depends on the patient, too. Some people break down and absorb hyaluronic acid faster than others, while some people hold on to it for longer. It is extremely difficult to predict how long a specific filler might last for each patient.

However, during the consultation and having performed an evaluation with you, the specialist will give a time range he feels is honest and appropriate.

Does it hurt?

Absolutely not! Hooray! A topical numbing medication is applied to the skin on the nose before the filler is injected. Fillers typically contain a numbing component mixed into it, keeping the nose numb as the injected filler progresses. This means the treatment is totally painless and there is no discomfort.


Ice-packs should be used for the first 24 hours after your liquid rhinoplasty. It is also important to keep your head slightly elevated and above the level of the heart. When sleeping, we recommend using two pillows and sleeping on your back for the first few nights.

You should also not squeeze, push or put pressure on the nose for the first two weeks, although simple things like makeup are fine to be used and you can swim and shower as normal.

Interested in a Rhinomodelation? Then it’s time to contact us!

If a liquid rhinoplasty is something you may be interested in, please contact us to ask any questions you may have or set up a consultation appointment.

Sending us some photos will help us give you accurate guidance and an initial quote, too.

We’re also on WhatsApp which is fast and easy for everyone, so drop us a line and ask for a call back.


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