Can I Combine Different Treatments?


Combining treatments

January 5, 2023

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Yes, many treatments can be combined in plastic surgery, and there are excellent benefits, too! Interestingly, many of our patients require more than one intervention to achieve their goals. For example, a liposuction might be combined with breast implants. This completely transforms the silhouette of the body, from the abdomen to the chest area.

Another good option could be a facelift with blepharoplasty treatment for the eyelids for a total facial rejuvenation.

For this reason, the combination of surgeries in a single session is the best option instead of performing them one by one.

How do I know if combining treatments is for me?

The first step is come by for a consultation with our specialist surgeon. This can be a virtual consultation by videocall, or in-person if you are already in Lima. He will discuss your options and explain what can be done and what can’t be done. Additionally, he will explain if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery, and if so, the combination of surgeries that will bring you best results.

Tummy tuck and BBL

Dr Daniel Saco-Vertiz can show you a preview of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the surgery that you want, with Crisalix 3D software.

What advantages can I get by combining plastic surgery treatments?

  • Saving money!!

– Efficient use of medical time, equipment, and resources is made; this means that surgeries performed in one session will be more economical.

  • Shorter total recovery period

– Reduced downtime which the body requires to fully heal. By combining treatments, each treated area heals at the same time, instead of one by one with multiple sessions.

  • A single dose of medication and only one pre-op analysis exams

– As is commonly known, to perform any intervention under general anesthesia laboratory analysis is required. This includes a cardiology report, blood tests and others. And after surgery, you will need to take antibiotics and pain killers among other medications. However, when we combine treatments, you can avoid repeat tests and meds.

  • Resume your daily life quicker

– Recovery time should always be taken into account when considering plastic surgery. We recommend organizing your daily chores before proceeding with any intervention. This is one of the greatest advantages, since the shorter the recovery time, the quicker you can return to your daily activities.

Common combos

The most common treatments to combine are:

  1. Eyelid surgery with facelift
  2. Abdominoplasty with liposuction
  3. Breast reduction or augmentation with a breast lift

combinar tratamientos

After planning any plastic surgery intervention, surgeons usually propose to perform these surgeries in one go, whenever possible. Consequently, it allows you to avoid another surgery on another date.

Are you interested in combining some plastic surgery treatments? Please contact us.

Make the most of your time, save costs and perform your treatments in a single surgery. Perhaps a combination of plastic surgery procedures is a good option for you. We can schedule an appointment or you can ask us anything you need to know by whatsapp.

We are also on WhatsApp for additional information or to schedule an appointment. It’s fast, safe and easy! Contact us today.


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