Breast Implants in Peru: Elevate Confidence and Femininity


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October 15, 2023

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Considering breast implants in Peru? Let’s delve deeper into this transformative procedure that not only enhances your appearance but also boosts self-esteem and makes you feel fabulously feminine.

Step 1: The Procedure

Breast implant surgery, technically known as breast augmentation, involves the insertion of saline or silicone implants to increase breast size and improve shape. In Peru, our highly trained plastic surgeons use advanced techniques to ensure natural-looking results.

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Patients can choose between ’round’ or ‘ergonomic tear shaped’ breast implants. 

Step 2: Benefits of Breast Implants in Peru

  • Enhanced Bust Size: Breast implants allow you to achieve your desired bust size, enhancing your overall proportions.
  • Improved Body Proportions: This procedure helps create a balanced, harmonious figure, which can significantly boost your confidence.

Breast implants in Peru

Breast implants in Peru is performed in total comfort in a state of the art operations room

Step 3: Personalized Consultation

During your initial consultation with one of our skilled plastic surgeons, you’ll discuss your goals, preferences, and any concerns. They’ll help you choose the right implant size, type, and placement to achieve the look you desire.

breast implants in peru with Motiva Round

Step 4: Breast Implants in Peru – Surgery

Breast implant surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes small incisions, usually in inconspicuous locations, to minimize visible scarring. The implants are carefully placed either behind or in front of the chest muscles, depending on your body type and goals.

breast implants in peru

Step 5: Recovery and Results

After the procedure, you’ll need some time for healing, but the results will gradually become more apparent. Most patients can return to their regular activities within a week or two, with newfound confidence in your appearance. No heavy exersion or exercise should take place for the first weeks to allow for healing.

In Conclusion

Breast implants in Peru offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing your self-esteem, body proportions, and femininity. With one of our skilled surgeons and personalized care, you can achieve the beautiful, natural-looking results you’ve always dreamed of.

Please choose one of our surgeons and let’s schedule a call to chat through the details.

Dr Daniel Saco-Vertiz, Specialist board certified CMP 49075 and RNE (specialist) N° 34624, chacarilla surco branch

Dra Maria Eugenia Ruiz - cirugias faciales

Dra Maria Eugenia Ruiz, specialist, board certified CMP 29662 and RNE (specialist) N° 15710, monterrico surco branch

Dr Flavio Nicolich

Dr Flavio Nicolich, Specialist board certified CMP 21341 and RNE (specialist) N° 11101, san isidro branch


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